Want to get involved in a Life Group?  Here’s what we have available. Call for more information to connect with us online!
  1. Sunday evening, 6:00 pm – Doug Karper 406-249-2644 or Jim Foster 406-892-8977, rotating homes
  2. Monday, 4:00pm, Bible Study Fellowship for ladies – Robin Baumann 406-471-4335 – PLEASE NOTE! Let me know if you want to PRE-register for next fall! We will be studying the book of Matthew.
  3. Tuesday evening, 6:30 pm – men’s study, Lucas Baumann 406-897-4783
  4. Alternating Tuesday morning, 6:30 am and Tuesday evening 7:30 pm – men’s study – call Jared Benz 262-825-6801for specifics!
  5. Wednesday evening, 6:45 pm – Doug Davidson 406-407-2445
  6. Wednesday evening, 7:00 pm – Dave and Robyn Kehr 406-261-1612
  7. Saturday afternoon, 4:30 pm – George Lippy 406-909-0550 or Karla Lippy 406-909-0526
  8. Contact Robin Baumann at 406-471-4335 or email her at b.anxious4nothing@yahoo.com to get a link invite for Rightnow Media! https://www.rightnowmedia.org/Library
If none of these times work and you want to start a new Life Group, contact Joe Fisher at 406-261-1653!!