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December 2018

12/09/2018 Sermon (You Can Not Serve Two Masters)

12/02/2018 Sermon (Christmas Story)

November 2018

11/25/2018 Sermon (The Tangible Kingdom : Our MO)

11/18/2018 Sermon (The Tangible Kingdom : How we make the Kingdom Tangible Part 3)

11/11/2018 Sermon (The Tangible Kingdom: How we make the Kingdom Tangible Part 2)

11/04/2018 Serrmon (The Tangible Kingdom : How We Make the Kingdom Tangible)

October 2018

10/28/2018 Sermon (The Tangible Kingdom: Be a friend (of sinners))

Video from the sermon can be found here:
Please watch it.  Its a powerful message.

12/21/2018 Sermon (The Tangible Kingdom : The Sent Ones)

10/14/2018 Sermon (Jonathan and His Armor Bearer) 1 Samuel 13:16

10/07/2018 Sermon (IQuestions: Why Not Destroy ‘Em?)