February 2018

02/04/2018 Sermon (The Dust of the Rabbi)

January 2018

01/28/18 Sermon (How To Build Your Dream Home)

01/14/2018 Sermon (Why It’s the Road Less Traveled)

01/07/2018 Sermon (It’s Called ‘Golden’ for a Reason)

December 2017

12/31/2017 Sermon (Resourced for Life)

November 2017

11/27/2017 Sermon (Who Made You an In-speck-tor?)

11/12/2017 Sermon (Don’t worry be happy Pt. 2)

11/05/2017 Sermon (Don’t worry be happy)

October 2017

10/29/2017 Sermon (What are you looking at?)

10/22/2017 Sermon (Heart and Treasure Go Together)